Customized & comprehensive Vocal Coaching, designed for Performing Students of all ages; Comprised of over 25 years' experience of Cris O'Bryon's on-stage and behind-the-scenes work as Music Director, Accompanist, Teacher, Actor, and Voiceover Artist.  Cris wraps all of these elements together to provide seldom-offered instruction and tricks of the trade in a dynamic, interactive, real-life performance setting. 

Specializing in:  

  • Voice Development 

  • Audition & Callback  Preparation

  • Vocal Coach Accompanying

  • College Audition/Scholarship Preparation  

  • Song/Monologue Selection & Coaching

  • Direction and Sides Preparation

  • Interpretation & Delivery

  • Vocal and Mic Technique

  • Breath Control

  • Diction & Dialect

  • Speech & Debate Prep and Competition

  • Robotics 

  • Voiceover Coaching


Cris O'Bryon is a fantastic vocal and piano coach! He is a masterful pianist and accompanist. He has coached me through my recovery from vocal nodules and restoring health to my voice. He has helped me work through the dynamics of playing keys and singing together, working on body positioning, breathing, vocal technique, emotional connection to songs, and piano improvisation. He has a wonderful and skilled voice with beautiful, rich tone. I highly recommend Cris!!!"


- Jenny



(via Zoom, Skype or Phone)

Scripps/Poway/Carmel Mtn.

San Diego, CA 92131

619.840.7219 (Call/Text)

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