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Coach Approach
I grew up on the East Coast, just north of Baltimore. As a result, a no-nonsense approach has stuck with me.  In my studio, I place a very high value on honest feedback, both given and received.  Some people are ready for this, and have been seeking honest answers for a long time.  Some people are not.  And that's okay, because each client has different needs.   

From time to time, calls come in from people who want to get results, yet tell me they won't practice (true story), or want to become a singer by next Friday (also true story). If that's you, I wish you the best, but I'm not your guy.  

I am one of few Vocal Coach/Accompanists in San Diego, an often over-looked piece of the successful coaching equation. I bring extra levels of experience that are hard to duplicate and re-create real-life audition settings. I train clients how to give an accompanist what they really need for an effective audition, how to select and prepare their music to help nail an audition, and how to recover in an audition that's careening out of control.  I make audition tracks in real-time and jump with my students, live, into their music so that we are working as a team to get the best possible results.  I also direct the Acting component of the audition (Sides, Scenes, and Monologues) in such a way that enhances the client's individual type. It's a complete Vocal Coaching program.  While it's not always easy or comfortable, the results we're getting are excellent.  See the Testimonials page to read student comments and successes in their own words.

The Voices in Your Head
Your voice is unique among all the instruments because you are the only one who can't hear what you truly sound like.  Your voice is also intimately intertwined with your personality, identity, health, your daily habits,  and the way you're perceived by the rest of the world. 


Many vocal studios  attempt to make their students all sound the same, as if there is only one cookie-cutter 'sound' that should be sought, or Though it is true that a certain sound might best fit a certain role or genre, stretching your voice too far in an attempt to fit will only result in disappointment, overall disillusionment, and possible permanent damage. Not only because of the laws of physics, but also because no two voices are identical, I always encourage the unique beauty and qualities of your own voice to develop. 

If you've performed for any time at all, you know that this is a field where the ego can take a bashing.  Rejection is frequent and can seem to wait around every corner. I am no stranger to the impact this can have on the psyche and confidence of performers of all ages. Additionally, I've come across a lot of singers and actors making vocal mistakes, losing roles, and injuring themselves all because of poor coaching. 

I seek to work with people who are ready to go forward bravely (even if they need to borrow some courage for a while), to own and hone their craft, and to move out of unhelpful habits we all fall back into without objective feedback. And, I am passionate about partnering with my students to know their voice, what it can do right now, what it might be able to do with healthy coaching, and how it relates to their goals and fears and then designing a path that helps them grow as a performer and as a person.


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