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Welk Resort, Moonlight Stage Productions, 2019 Broadway San Diego Finalist, Classical Academy High School           

"One of the things Cris O'Bryon does extremely well is finding the teaching style that works for each client. He has many different resources that allow clients different opportunities to learn and grasp the concept of the laser focus training that he customizes for you. He cares very much for his clients in an intentional manner that addresses not only the voice, but the person.  He is an exceptional coach and mentor.  I would highly recommend him if you are also interested in competition-ready performances and audiences."  


Virgin Trials (Cygnet Theatre) Frozen (Disney's Hyperion Theatre), Welk Resort Theatre, Barn Stage Theatre, Scripps Ranch Theatre

My daughter, Olivia, has had the pleasure of working with Cris for the past few years.  He is an amazing mentor and musical coach.  Whether it be an audition, cabaret, or full musical, Cris has helped her dig deep and bring her best to each and every performance.  He has an attention to detail like no other coach she has had.  She always enjoys her time working with him, and I would recommend him highly.


UNCSA (Univ. North Carolina, School for the Arts, Graduate 2018); COSA (Coronado School for the Arts)

I credit studying with Cris as the most influential resource in getting me ready for college auditions.  He uses acting terms and techniques that cater to each student’s individual needs.  I came in to work with Cris with pieces that I had become familiar, rigidly familiar with over the course of my high school career.  Seeing this, he implemented techniques to get me out of my head and into my body in order to break the rhythms that I had become so accustomed to in the monologues and have them come from a more organic place of truth.  What I didn’t know then was that, without calling any of them by name, he was using many of the same techniques that I would still be learning 3 years later at UNCSA.  Putting the monologues themselves aside, he helped me become mentally prepared for what walking into those audition rooms would be like.  You discuss why you’ve applied for the schools you have, prioritize them, create realistic yet ambitious goals for yourself, and finally he runs you through mock auditions in order for you to feel what it’s really like to interact with those people behind the table.  Because of my work with him I was able step into the L.A. Unified auditions with a clear head and relaxed nerves.  Not only that, but I was able to actually enjoy the auditions (who would’ve thought they’d be fun?). Thanks to Cris I was able to perform to the best of my ability in those auditions and to ultimately arrive at the school of my dreams.


2019 Freshman at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Canyon Crest Academy (SD)

I am so grateful to Cris for helping my daughter develop to her highest potential over the last year and a half! He is the “consummate” performing arts professional.  A highly accomplished pianist and singer himself, he understands what is absolutely necessary for one to progress artistically.  His approach to teaching embodies not just vocal  technique, but also mental/emotional skill, balance and ultimately—confidence!  I was highly impressed by his immediate, almost clinical, assessment of my daughter’s personality.  Positive and dedicated to bringing out her natural talents and strengths, he also brought to the forefront, her biggest challenges. Cris works with the person as a  “whole”. Highly intelligent and articulate, but notably humble, he encourages a “healthy and balanced attitude toward life.”  He teaches that this is the way to enjoy, succeed, and “sustain” oneself in their field of passion.  It was because of his instruction, guidance, dedication and patient support that my daughter, Sofia, will realize her dream of attending a visual performing arts conservatory—Tisch School of the Arts at New York University!  Thank-you so much, Cris!!


Million Dollar Quartet (Lamb's Players/Avo),Catch Me If You Can (MTW), Mamma Mia (Moonlight Stage) Damn Yankees (SDMT), Kingdom City (La Jolla Playhouse), Bad Jews (Cygnet Theater); St. Mary's Univ of MN; Our Lady of Peace (OLP)

Cris O’Bryon has been more than a mere Voice Teacher. He has been our daughter’s friend, mentor, and champion.  Our daughter has been studying with Cris for seven years. His teaching goes beyond just helping a student to “sound good”.  He teaches the student the science of voice, vocal muscles, and how to be intentional in their singing so they do not “luck” into a note but know how to achieve that note. 

Cris has given our daughter valuable advice for auditions and also for how to approach the business of theater.   

Cris has helped our daughter become a better singer, actor, performer, and person.


Las Vegas (Rock of Ages)

I love working with Cris! I've come to Cris over the last couple years to help me prepare for my serious auditions. He's always so perceptive and has a way of finding those really crucial nuggets of information and giving them to you in concise language. He's very efficient with your time and makes sure to give you as much time exploring and working the material as you need. It's better to spend that time working through the material and finding yourself and your character than just wearing out your voice singing ;). He calls me up to review my take-away from my work sessions with him and will check in on me after my auditions to see how they went. He's sharp, devoted, and very invested in the results of your work together. Whether you're preparing for an audition, need vocal coaching, or working on stage presence, or really anything else Cris is fantastic to work with.


The Old Globe "Heart of Rock & Roll" (Sept 2018) and "October Sky" - World Premieres; Montclair State University (Tied for 2nd place nationally in the Jimmy Awards)

​The great thing about Cris is that he knows about all aspects of nailing the audition. Physical awareness, developing a character, and strengthening vocal ability are some of the prime focuses in his training technique. He helped me prep for all of my college auditions. Having him as my coach, with support of The Old Globe, I competed in the National High School Musical Theater Awards placing in the finals as runner-up. Thanks to our lessons I felt prepared for college auditions and a Broadway stage. Cris has killer organization skills. Together you will work on a plan of attack. He will go over the list of points that you must think through whether it be a vocal issues in the bridge of the song, or an incomplete background story for the character you're portraying. Cris taught me that it is important to think through everything and be an actor first.


Singer, Owner of Cork Creative Photography & Videography

Working with Cris has hands down been an invaluable and enriching experience!  Right off the bat, I could tell that he was extremely knowledgeable and experienced and that he truly cares about his students’ success!  He starts by laying a framework of character, action, and intention when approaching a song. I have found that knowledge to be invaluable! He uses many different techniques and exercises to get you out of your head and into your body so that you can find your unique expression within the song. He’s not looking to produce cookie-cutter singers. He wants to help you find YOUR voice.


I feel as though I’ve learned so much and my voice has become stronger and healthier just in our short time working together.  What’s amazing is that the majority of my lessons happened over FaceTime!  ~ The fact that we were able to cover so much ground without ever being in the studio together is a testament to his knowledge and passion for what he does.  


Whether you are just looking to improve your skills, or you are preparing for a role or audition, Cris is the secret ingredient for success!


Touring Internationally with "Liquid Blue"; MiraCosta College, 2016 Campus Superstar Winner

​I thoroughly enjoy getting coaching from Cris. The enormous wealth of knowledge that he possesses in his craft is very apparent. From just one lesson with him, whether it be for voice, acting, piano, etc., I always walk away with a new perspective on whatever the material is that I am preparing. He is very skilled in guiding his students through the processes that a good performer takes to analyze, learn, and soon “own” their material. He has an exceptional ear in music and creative mind when it comes to the arts. He is an encouraging coach and really helps to push his students in further along in their endeavors. It is always a pleasure working with him. 


Working with Cris was huge step for my performance career. I learned and adopted a new work ethic, had successful BFA college auditions, and booked two professional shows after just a couple months of work with him. His piano abilities surpass all of the voice teachers I’ve worked with which significantly helps during audition technique work. I felt more prepared than most of my college peers arriving on campus and have done some of my best work in his studio. Cris is all-around a great performance coach who knows the business, knows the craft, and I’m proud to call him one of my mentors.


Fordham University; Del Norte High School

Cris has changed my whole performance outlook and set me on a better path to improving my skills and techniques. I began working with Cris in the middle of college audition season.  He quickly gave me a warm welcome and I felt challenged straight from the beginning.  Even though I had not known Cris very long, he checked in with me after every day of auditions and gave me more advice for the next.  In lessons, I especially like how much I was able to learn in such a short amount of time.  It was the perfect balance between overload and practice.  After every session, I walked out with a new confidence in my abilities and motivation to keep working at them.  Cris is a beyond talented singer, pianist, and teacher who truly cares about his students by challenging and supporting each one. I WISH I had started sooner!


The Bishop's School

Cris came very highly recommended by another voice coach who told us that Cris was a “fabulous voice teacher and pianist.” She was right. In just a few sessions, Cris has helped me improve in so many ways. In addition to working with me on my pitch and breathing, he has helped me prepare for auditions. I now know how to carry myself confidently in an audition: what to do with my hands and more importantly, not just to sing but to understand the character I’m auditioning for thoroughly, so I can deliver a complete and memorable performance. While Cris is serious and focused on helping you achieve your goals, his sense of humor and high energy in getting his points across make every session fun and entertaining. I value each session with Cris, and I feel very lucky to have found him.


Grand Hotel (Signature Theatre); National Tour of "Amazing Grace" - 2018; Utah Shakespeare Festival; Catholic University of America (Tied for 2nd place nationally in the Jimmy Awards)

Cris O' Bryon is a fantastic vocal/acting coach and mentor. Not only has Cris helped me to strengthen my voice in different musical theatre styles, but he has given me the courage and tools to dig deep into material and really act the song. Cris works on the total performance package and brings out the best in his students. Alongside being a great teacher and performer, Cris is also an amazing pianist and experienced accompanist. He has a knack for creating interesting and successful audition cuts! Most importantly though, Cris is supportive, understanding, and thoughtful. He cares about his students and is always their advocate. 


New York City

Cris personalized his teaching to me, adapting his words and techniques until we found things that I could connect with. He works hard to help me see things from my perspective and shows me healthy and natural choices that get results. He is quick to call me out on habits and make me more aware of what's happening in my music and performance. 


Winner 2017 - SD Critic's Circle "Outstanding Featured Performance in a Musical, Female" La Jolla Playhouse "Miss You Like Hell"; San Diego State University

Receiving vocal instruction from Cris O'Bryon has greatly aided my ability to establish and maintain a professional performance career. After taking lessons with Cris for over four years, I have gained skills that have made me a more savvy and refined singer. During our lessons, Cris would use a variety of physical and emotional techniques in order to encourage me to make strong acting choices while also maintaining the integrity of my vocal quality.


What I found most beneficial about working with Cris is that he understands that, as artists, our work is heavily influenced by many variables. Cris was very accommodating and interested in how my daily commitments and relationships could be used in order to inform my artistry and cultivate genuine experiences onstage. As I continue to pursue theatre, I consider  the invaluable knowledge I have retained from my time with Cris before every audition, callback and vocal performance.


PCPA, Grossmont College; Classical Academy; "Spamalot" & "On the 20th Century" (Cygnet Theatre)

I would highly recommend Cris to mentor and teach my child voice lessons.    My son Trevor was in CYT and starting going to Cris when his voice started to change.  I wanted a strong male role-model and Cris came highly recommended.

     From the very first lesson, I noticed a great change in my son.  He became more confident in his abilities and his self-esteem grew.  It helped him develop his voice and he was able to obtain lead roles.  Through Cris's experience in theater, Trevor was able to talk things through with Cris and knew what to expect during auditions and he was open to Cris's critique.


Needless to say, I feel he is worth every penny!!   Thank you Cris!

(Update: Trevor just finished his next professional show, with Cygnet Theatre, "Spamalot" after "On The Twentieth Century")



We had the pleasure and were lucky enough to work with Cris O’Byron when our daughter, Aja, started her singing career at the ripe old age of 12.  She had won a singing competition in San Diego where over 800 girls had entered. We were given Cris’ name through a local vocal coach in our area and drove an hour, once a week, to see him for approximately three years. He helped her focus on not only breathing, tone quality and dynamics, but of telling a story with her songs instead of just singing them! The ability to make the song come alive and have your audience feel your emotion is something that far exceeds the vocal coach’s role in my mind. He worked so well with our daughter, making her laugh and work hard at the same time! She constantly improved and gained confidence. Aja recorded 2 CDs in three years, had an awesome band and played in San Diego and Los Angeles. We cherish those years with  Cris O’Bryon, as he definitely knows how to teach with grace and patience.

Cris is an amazing pianist, actor and singer as well! Once, after her lesson, he showed us a monologue that he was working on to see what we thought. By the end of it, I was in tears! I have always said that Cris O'Bryon needs to be performing as a one man show, since he is so very talented in every aspect! 


We even brought our son to him for piano lessons for a while. Yes, we did a lot of driving during those years but it was all very worth it. His pearls of wisdom when he teaches, helps anyone that is lucky enough to find him, to thrive!


What an honor it was to have Cris in our lives and to show our children how much talent they really have! And if you ever get a chance to see him perform, don’t miss it!


Worship Leader

Cris O'Bryon is a fantastic vocal and piano coach! He is a masterful pianist and accompanist. He has coached me through my recovery from vocal nodules and restoring health to my voice. He has helped me work through the dynamics of playing keys and singing together, working on body positioning, breathing, vocal technique, emotional connection to songs, and piano improvisation. He has a wonderful and skilled voice with beautiful, rich tone. I highly recommend Cris!!!"


Boston Conservatory/BYU

​Cris was instrumental in my artistic development. He creates a safe space within his studio walls that allows actors to fully explore and grow without fear. He truly cares about the success and well being of his students and because of this, I quickly learned how to tell stories and connect with whatever piece or role I was working with. Any time I need his help he is ready and willing at the drop of a hat!  I entered my freshman year at The Boston Conservatory with confidence and assurance knowing Cris had prepared me well. He instills discipline, a strong work ethic, and passion within his students. Cris has become one of my greatest mentors and I feel incredibly blessed to have him not only as a coach, but as a dear friend!


San Diego School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA)

We first met Cris when my daughter, Shelby, saw an ad for auditions for Legoland. Cris was the accompanist and offered to work with people prior to their audition.  Within the first 10 minutes of working with Cris, I could see huge improvement in her singing, from her posture to her breathing to her inflection.  Unfortunately, she did not get Legoland but she did get a callback, which meant the world to an 11-year old.

Over the last 4 years, not only has Cris improved both her singing and acting skills, she has learned invaluable lessons on every aspect of the theater.

Shelby has gone from being '4th-tree-on-the-right' to many lead roles such as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Olive in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Lucy in Snoopy the Musical.

Last year,  Shelby had the opportunity to sing for Alice Ripley.  When she finished, Alice asked the voice teacher there if Shelby was one of her students.  The teacher replied "No, she takes from one of the best in San Diego".  Well, that teacher got it wrong.  Cris is not one of the best, he is the BEST.


NYU Tisch School of Music, now in Los Angeles; Francis Parker School

Cris was my voice teacher and coach all throughout high school. He helped me transcend above and beyond in my acting and singing training. Most importantly, he taught me to find joy in everything that I do. This joy I carry through with me in all of my work to this very day. His positive approach and encouragement contributed to having confidence in the audition room, landing lead roles in musicals and plays and getting accepted to NYU's Tisch School of the arts for Musical theatre. In addition to the acting and voice training, I learned about being accountable as a vocalist; from studying music theory to narrowing in on learning complex harmonies. I had tremendous growth vocally while working with him as well. Cris was and will always be one of my most accredited and favorite teachers I have ever worked with.


Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM)

Cris's primary goal is to see you grow and develop as an artist.  He adapts his teaching around your individual needs to make sure your goals are being met.  Further, he makes it clear that he is there as your teacher around the clock, not just during the timeframe of your lessons. Working with Cris has helped me advance both my musical proficiency and overall professional attitude.


New Village Arts, The Welk Resort Theatre, Skyline Theatre Company, Moonlight Stage Productions

I have been a working actress in San Diego since 1995 and during the last 10 years or so have had the opportunity to work with Cris on a wide assortment of materials.  Classically trained, with an excellent vocal foundation, Cris has helped guide me in finding my character voice.  Cris is especially gifted in approaching music from directions that are both unique and workable AND freeing. 


As an experienced singer already, Cris has helped me “take away the pretty” and discover the meat of many a role.  A working actor himself, he is not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.  His approach is refreshingly honest and his methods are applicable for both the experienced and inexperienced performer.  With Cris, you can learn how to pick and choose what works for you.  I continue to call on Cris whenever I need help and pass his name along as often as I can.


Now in Los Angeles, Chad, "All Shook Up" (Classical Academy)

"Thank you so much for working with Alex and teaching him the techniques on how to sustain his voice and performance. This was the first show out of over 20 shows where he didn't lose his voice or feel winded."


Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts, now in Chicago (AEA)

I came to Cris at the very beginning of my career, wide eyed and very new to the theatre business. Without missing a beat, Cris brought me in and began working very quickly to make sure we accomplished as much as we could during our sessions together. He truly excels at listening to what you need and making sure you have progressed by the time you leave his studio. Cris is also a fantastic accompanist in his own right;  he plays for many local auditions and the knowledge he has gleaned from his many hours in the audition room is passed on to his students. After just one session with Cris, I left with a plethora of new and useful information as well as a feeling of confidence about my voice and the direction my career was headed. Every session after that was no different, Cris would continue to help me prepare for auditions as well as helping me think about long term goals for my career. Now that I have completed a move to Chicago, IL to pursue theatre professionally, Cris will always check in every once in a while to see how things are going.  I owe the foundation of my career to Cris O'Bryon, he is a consummate professional and I will definitely visit him for further lessons if I return to San Diego in the future.


UC Berkeley

My experience with Cris has been outstanding. He is constructive and helpful, and his experiences with acting and musical theatre have been a huge asset to me. He is a wonderful teacher that has helped me grow as a performer more than any other teacher I have had. His love for the craft is evident, and his enthusiasm for coaching is priceless. I attribute all of my successes as an actor in the past five years to his direction.


Costa Mesa, CA

I highly recommend my vocal coach, Cris O’Bryon, to those wishing to improve their vocal technique and performance skills.  Cris uses a truly unique, fun and intuitive method of finding your best self musically.  He works on your specific vocal technique within the scope of the music you are performing.

To follow are just a few of the things you will learn:  Discover how to find, and therefore avoid the “hidden traps” of your music.  Discover how to make a song sound new again, unique ways to improve your pronunciation, and how to vary the singing dynamics of your specific music as you learn phrasing techniques.  

Cris is a fantastic musical director and accompanist and this gives you the opportunity to work with him musically on your next audition, performance, or even a complete show.  You don’t need “music tracks” for your lessons.  


Cris would be a great choice for you no matter what stage of your music career you are in.  


Sally Bowles (Cabaret); San Diego State University, SD Repertory's Fun Home (u/s Helen); The Last Five Years, Music Teacher - Monte Vista HS

A lesson with Cris is intensive work that wastes no time getting to the heart of your technical or artistic issues. Even as a vocal teacher myself with a masters degree in performance I can say unequivocally that after each lesson I leave excited with completely fresh work to do. A must for a performing professional.


Tulane University (Class of '22), Canyon Crest Academy

Cris is an awesome voice teacher, as well as an incredibly talented actor, singer and accompanist! Cris goes beyond just teaching technique by helping students understand what the song is about so they can sing it and acted with meeting. His love for music is evident when he teaches and he combines his talent with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and patience that helps students grow and develop their strengths – and he does this in a way that students find fun and look forward to!

He has been coaching our daughter for almost 10 years! He is incredibly talented - both as a teacher and a performer that students can emulate.
Cris has coached our daughter in voice, monologues, and preparing for auditions, and has even helped her master songs during the course of shows!
I particularly like Cris’ attention to detail and how he made sure our daughter understood what the song was about or represented, which helped enhance her singing. And Cris is an amazing pianist: Besides being able to play any song you put in front of him, he will record the songs for you so you can practice when not at a session.
I highly recommend Cris as a coach!


University of San Diego, now in Los Angeles

Cris is amazing! I took musical theater at the University of San Diego.  Cris would go out of his way to work one on one with me so that I could find my voice and sing from a grounded place.  

Upon graduating, I moved to Los Angeles and have had several musical theater auditions where Cris has helped me with including self-tape auditions. 

What I most appreciate from working with Cris is how he truly guides you to find the story within the song and really helps you tell the story from your truth as opposed to simply singing.  Cris is a great mentor, wonderful actor and talented musician!


San Diego Opera

My purpose was to re-enter San Diego’s theater (specifically musical theater) community. It was at the end of of a successful 26 years as a performer with San Diego Opera, and even though I have been a member of Actor’s Equity since 1972, I was aware that I was in need of re-education and re-branding to be competitive in San Diego’s current theater world. Cris was a perfect choice for my goals. 


First of all, he knows theater from every angle. As a performer, an audition and rehearsal pianist, and a director himself, he has participated in scores of auditions. He knows what the various directors and companies are looking for, and he also knows the frustrations of a performer in the nerve-wracking audition process. As one who has had to brand himself with proper photos and resumes, as well as seeing them from the production side, he is the perfect person to advise a student in that process. It goes without saying that his advice for choosing good audition songs, appropriate for you, is a special advantage that he has. His skills as a pianist are impeccable. He has a vast knowledge of repertoire, especially suggesting what is appropriate for the current musical theater scene. He also has much of the music at hand with his files; also, he has files filled with appropriate monologue suggestions.


Cris considers the student and judges his or her, “type” and suggests material accordingly. Even if he differs from your opinion of how you view yourself, his opinion should be considered, because of his experience in the production and therefore hiring end of the business. He is very energetic and challenges you, so that you will do your best to prepare and stretch your skills as a performer. His goal is for you to get work as soon as possible. I feel that  he was encouraging of me, while challenging of me to do my best.


Finally, although I had to suspend my efforts in auditioning for a while, I still sense an interest in me as a person, not just a paying customer. Ironically, circumstances have led me to change my performing goals and re-enter the world of cabaret performance. Guess who is a major presence in that field in San Diego - that’s right - Cris O’Byon! I hope to be working with him again soon.


As a direct result of Cris’ expertise and experience, our son was selected as San Diego County’s best actor in a high school musical for The Globe Honors Award, and went on to compete in The National High School Musical Theatre Awards (The Jimmy Award), in New York City. With Cris’ strategic direction and focused objectives, our son was accepted to 8 of 10 highly competitive BFA musical theatre programs at nationally recognized universities.

Cris O’Bryon’s studio sessions are conducted with the highest degree of professionalism, where he treats each student with courtesy and respect. He is sincerely devoted to the enhancement of the unique skills of each student and to their personal success as an artist.


Our family holds Cris in the highest esteem and would enthusiastically recommend his studio to those seeking superior training in the theatre arts.


Synergy Dance Zone, now in NYC

Cris taught me how to make smart choices in the audition room. Whether it’s song selection or monologue and scene work, he goes the extra mile to make sure I have all the tools I need to put my best foot forward. I came to Cris as a dancer/actor in desperate need of vocal coaching. He broke down the technique for me thoughtfully and methodically, helping me find a vocal freedom that I never thought I would achieve. Thanks to Cris, I know with confidence that I’m giving casting directors a vocal performance that I can be proud of. I owe my singing callbacks here in New York for the Broadway revival of The King and I and the national tour of Matilda to Cris’ impeccable and generous teaching. 


Now in Los Angeles, UCB, Classical Academy

​Cris O' Bryon's training has changed my career for the better. He has shown me so many new ways to improve my craft and I know that there are many more still to come. He has not only become a teacher to me but a mentor and a friend. 


University of San Diego

​My daughter Luree Scott has been taking from Cris O'Bryon for the past 7 years.  Along with the technical aspects of acting, voice, and auditions, Cris addresses performance techniques as well.  This has been especially helpful to the improvement accomplished by Luree.  Cris is passionate about musical theater. His enthusiasm and energy is well evident.  He has encouraged Luree to her very best effort and level of performance.  There is nothing better than learning from a truly professional musician, actor and performer.


California State University - Chico, now National Tour of Sister Act

As the first teacher I had worked with after graduating college, Cris really taught me how to audition for the "real world."  Not only is he an amazing technical vocal coach, he also helped me find the courage to make strong acting choices within a song, which gave me a confidence in the audition room that I have carried with me into every audition room since! 


North Coast Rep/La Jolla/Lamb's Players/The Old Globe/Moonlight Stage/New Village Arts

My daughter (now an 9th grader) has been taking voice and piano lessons from Cris for over six years, and we couldn’t be happier.  Cris is an extremely talented actor, musician and vocalist and the San Diego community is lucky to have him.  Cris has helped my daughter prepare for theater auditions and voice overs, has coached her on scene study, has trained her vocally and is teaching her the piano.  I would highly recommend Cris to anyone -- at any stage of ability -- who wants to improve his or her vocal skills or who is otherwise seeking a good coach for a future in theater or music.            


Private School Teacher (El Cajon, CA)

Cris inspired me to take ownership of my learning experience. Rather than receiving constant feedback or just giving me all the answers, Cris asked me questions and guided in such a way that taught me to process and evaluate my progress. He guided me through how to be successful when I was out of the studio and tackling a performance or a new piece of music on my own.

After spending several years teaching music, coming back to Cris' studio was a breath of fresh air and revived my perspective on teaching and renewed my own dedication to excellence in every aspect of approaching music. 

Cris' approach explains the concept of using your "entire person" while singing. A concept that freed my voice in a way to experience colors and sounds I had never heard. So exciting!


Palomar College

Cris is an extremely passionate teacher who's knowledge and insight have been invaluable to my daughter Rylee for the past 3 years. He has this amazing ability to communicate the importance of emotionally connecting to lyrics or a character. She recently had a challenging role and Cris was amazing at explaining and helping her to understand and feel the emotion in the song.

As an actor he is amazingly talented and it is always inspirational to be able to see Cris perform. What I love most about Cris is the compassion and dedication he has showed to my daughter, he truly cares about his students and takes time to see their performances. He knows the industry and is really good about supporting his students and helping with decisions. Cris has been a huge mentor in her life and will continue to be. I know that she will continue to grow and learn if she is working with Cris. 


Cal Poly SLO; Patrick Henry HS (Won outstanding Supporting Performance in a Musical, 2017-18 National Youth Arts Awards)

My daughter, Stephanie, has been working with Cris O'Bryon for 2 years on acting, singing, audition preparation, and overall performance. She truly enjoys working with him because of his passion and expertise and ability to help her improve and grow. I have seen a large improvement in her performances and confidence since she has worked with him. She looks forward to working with him every week, even in her busy hectic schedule. He is amazing!


​Cris is a true joy to work with.  The breadth and depth of his knowledge is delivered to me (the student) in context to my background and interest.  His lessons are always entertaining.  Cris is how I developed a creative voice I am proud to have.  He is the Robin Williams of musical theater - high energy, witty and fun to be around.  I also love that he continues to perform at numerous venues and stages around San Diego.  Without reservation, I recommend Cris for any level of student.


Cris really took the time to work and shape the intricate details of my songs and audition pieces. He went beyond external technique to encourage a deeper understanding of the emotions and motivation behind a piece or character, elevating the quality of my work. He helped me get my resume and audition package up to par and I've been booking more professional work as a result. 


My daughter, Casey, was referred to Cris by her voice teacher. She was recommending Cris as a vocal coach who could take her performances to the next level. He was able to teach the process of developing a character, expand her repertoire, and prepare her for auditions. Cris is able to draw on his own talents and professional experience to inspire, coach, and mentor his students.


Cris is a wonderful teacher who has devoted his time and energy to help me improve with my confidence in auditioning and becoming a better actor. I would recommend his sessions for anyone looking to make great improvements with a teacher who cares about his students!



The Hartt School, University of Hartford, CT; La Costa Canyon HS

Cris has been a great acting and singing coach/teacher for my high school daughter, Madison. He has been instrumental in helping her with auditions to colleges for musical theater. His knowledge and experience of the theater world and his fun personality make him a great teacher!


Grand Canyon University 2018 Graduate; Christian High School

​The time I spent in the studio with Cris was invaluable. Cris challenged and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. It's not just a voice lesson. Cris takes the time to invest in you as an artist and as a person. He pulls the excellence out of you that you were unable to see. Working with Cris is dynamic, worth every minute, and worth every penny!


Writer; San Marcos, CA

"Cris worked with me for the better part of two years. During that time, he helped me make incredible strides in energizing my singing and refining my technique. He was fearless in pushing me to break out of my comfort zone, and as a result, I'm much more confident about singing and performing in public."

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