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As you might imagine, many people want to learn how to play the piano or play it better.  Furthermore, many singers, actors, and dancers, and also musically-interested people want to fill in some holes in their training in the "How-to-Read-Music, Learn-Theory, Train-My-Ear-Better, Learn-How-to-Sight-Read" categories.  I am happy to assist in these departments, as well.  

READINESS I have seen many four-year-olds who were ready to study, and many teens who were not.   It just depends on the individual.  As the Eastern proverb says, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

There are also situations where a person wants to learn how to play the piano/keyboard to help them write songs, or sing at the same time.  Since I do both all the time, we can easily incorporate this hybrid element into our sessions.

RATE:  Piano-only and/or Ear Training/SightSinging/Theory lessons are offered at a lower rate. (Click Book STUDIO Session NOW)

NOTE:  Classical vs. Contemporary: In the same way that classical ballet is the foundation for healthy use of the body for dance, so, too, does classical piano training lay the building blocks for advanced mastery of expert repertoire.  I have great respect for the classical tradition.  However, most piano students neither will never be, nor need to be a concertizing, touring classical pianist.  Since many piano teachers aren't comfortable teaching outside the classical realm, there often exists a mismatch in the desire to teach the rising professional pianist-to-be and the internal practical goals of the student.  (My experience over the last 3 decades has revealed too often how an individual's experience with a teacher mismatch effectively ruined their musical interest.  This is a loss for everyone.)  


Many students want to learn a functional amount of technique to play what THEY want to play and are frustrated at the length of time the teacher deems necessary to become a legit pianist, not realizing that was not the goal to begin with.

II can get you playing in just a few sessions, and we can go from there.  Once you get fired up about hearing the music you want to hear coming from your hands, you are more likely to practice and see an even better result, and perhaps even want to dig into more fundamental musical concepts.  



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